Family Drama & Greed

I grew up with family drama all around as the years went on it seem to get worse.

On my mom’s side of the family, she had two brothers but she was the oldest. They all quit talking to each other many years ago after my grandparents had died.

My mom even held up the sale of my grandparent’s house to irritate one of them knowing they just wanted the money to gamble with. She talked to me about this several times. My parents spent years and years working and saving money so money was not an issue for them and neither one would have gambled away large sums of money.

The last time the 3 siblings saw each other in person before my mom’s death was 20 years before at my great aunt’s funeral. This was only because they all had to be there at the same time. My mom told me the tension was pretty bad at the time and things would never be the same again this was in 1999.

They all 3 lived 300 miles apart close enough they should have visited each other at least a few times a year. The 3 of them never even really knew each other as middle-aged adults much less during retirement.

Our children have not seen either great uncle in 26 years. They do not know me or my family and therefore have no say so in anything that happens.

They never talked on the phone or kept in touch until my dad was diagnosed with cancer in August 2014 then she and Brother B spoke a few times a week. She never spoke to the youngest Brother D until my dad passed away and they were never as close as she was with brother B.

Neither of my moms brothers (my uncles) came to either one of my parents funerals now that says A LOT! This is called FAMILY Love.

Most of the time family issues boil down to two words JEALOUSY or GREED and sometimes both.

Sometimes people get so jealous of the relationships of others they have to try and destroy those relationships.

Every family has its issues and I honestly thought my mom’s and her brother’s drama was bad enough but that was until my mom died.

My parents only had two children my sister and myself.

I can tell you this much this drama was neither one of us because we would have never done such a thing.

I have family members involved in this greed.

My dad warned my mom about this he said: ” Watch Your Back”.

I knew who he meant and those I am closest to know who would take advantage of my mom.

I am ashamed of some members of my own family and I have to wonder how you can justify your actions.

How do you sleep at night knowing what you have done?

The others involved with you are just as guilty as you are as of right now I know of 4 of you.

Bribery is a whole different issue but bribing with money that is not yours REALLY! 

Accepting a bribe is another issue for my other family member that is involved in this greed.

I hope you get the feeling you are being watched by big brother because you are.

Your time will come and all your lies will not help you this time.

4 thoughts on “Family Drama & Greed

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  1. I know what you mean… it’s like you have to really sometimes ask.. are we cut from the same cloth… because the patterns don’t match.. hang in there lady… clip the thorns off your rose and keep smelling the bloom .. peace and blessing to you

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    1. Thank you Jamala. Sometimes its hard to believe there can be so many evil people in one family. So much greed it makes me sick.


  2. I think the whole thing is very hurtful, mostly because it IS family, and if you can’t trust and love and respect your family, then you are really alone. I’m sorry this is going on for you, and my only advice, if this is hurting your health or other relationships, might be to let it go. No amount of money is worth your health, mental or physical. On the other hand, it is hard to watch someone take advantage of other people including yourself. So I guess you really have to think about what your next move will or won’t be. I do know that most people who do these things don’t see it in themselves because they feel justified and entitled.

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    1. My next move will be a pretty serious one for these 4 involved. This is something I have to do so my parents can both rest in peace. I have the backing of the rest of my family to pursue this. Money is the root of all evil with some people and their greed took over and they never stopped and realized the criminal acts they were doing. Texas is full of stories on this same crimes there are a lot of laws to protect the elderly.


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