Through the piney woods

Jeanelle our youngest daughter and I made a road trip through the piney woods of Louisiana very early Friday morning.

When you are 300 miles away from where you need to pick up paperwork you have to leave early we left at 5:00 a.m.

I love the drive through the woods the small hills and the changes in the landscape are really nice.

The roads are cut through the trees and that alone makes for a nice perspective picture.

This was a nice break from the pandemic stuff we just did not think about the bathroom issues. With all the fast food places being drive-through and curbside only you are left to stop at the little stores. Sometimes finding one of those that looks clean and not superpopulated can be an issue.

I took plenty of Clorox wipes to disinfect the things we touched and to keep our hands clean.

I would not advise a road trip for anyone right now due to the bathroom issues. It is the little things we take for granted.

We moved from Jonesboro Louisiana to Houston, Texas when I was 5 years old. My dad landed a good-paying job at Brown and Root and they wanted me in good schools in the fall. It was a better opportunity for our small family of 4.

We went back 4 – 5 times a year to visit my grandparents on my moms side and my grandmother on my dad’s side. We spent a lot of weeks in the summertime at my mom’s parents.

My dad spent a lot of time deer hunting there when it was deer season.

Years later my grandparents bought a weekend home on Toledo Bend outside of Many Louisiana and this meant we could do a weekend trip and meet just about 1/2 way for the both of us. There was some good bass fishing in Toledo Bend.

Louisiana has always had a special place in my heart but I think that was mostly the unconditional love we received from our grandparents.

Going back in time to the state I was born was very nostalgic for me especially since I have not been there in many years.







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