Cricket is 4 months old

Cricket is our 4 months old Cane Corso she is weighing in at a whopping 55#s.

She is not easy to get good pics of because she’s a bit lazy but with Jack helping me we were able to get these shots while using dog biscuits to bribe her.

When she walks she stomps so her feet sound like someone in flip flops on our wood floors. I have never seen a dog with such big feet.

She loves the grandkids but of course, they help raise all the puppies so she remembers them.

Zelda’s litter was 7 puppies this was Crickets litter they are all dual registered.

Ravens litter were ICCF Registered and there were 11 puppies but 1 died.

The two litters were 3 weeks apart in age things were a bit crazy for awhile trying to make sure all the pups got plenty of exercise and were well adjusted to children.

They all sold very quickly due to the quality of the puppies. Right now there are 2 pups Crickets age in special training one is guard dog training and the other is in obedience training.

Our daughter has Storm a 1-year-old black female Cane Corso that has not been bred yet is at a special training camp for a one-month training on obedience.

I am currently looking for a local trainer that works with obedience training that is reasonably priced. Most of these are $800.00 – $1500.00 for a months worth of training and that is with you taking them back and forth.

I have managed to potty train her, teach her to sit and walk on a leash but that is it so far.


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  1. Cricket is a good looking pup. May that puppy bring you and Jack much enjoyment. Mastiffs rule. I really hand it to people that have the patience required for the large breeds. Rooster gives me much enjoyment and companionship.


    1. The large breeds you have to be prepared for when they weigh 130 – 150#s. I think that is why so many people use the obedience training. I think gaining control over them as puppies is key to having a good big dog.

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  2. Yes them hounds need to be under control. Rooster wants to act like he is gonna be boss about every three months or so. Until he pays the light bill and all taxes and gets the food, I’m the boss. I am gonna send you a picture of Rooster when the floodwaters started receding after hurricane Harvey. Please post.


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