Cucumbers Galore

We are picking 20 – 30 cucumbers every day.

Jack will eat about 4-5 a day he read it lowers blood sugar and cholesterol.  I will eat 1 or 2 every few days.

We make cucumber, tomato, and onion salad with Italian dressing it’s yummy. We chop up enough to last a few days.

In the past, Jeanelle and I have made bread and butter and sweet pickles. This is the first time either of us has made dills.

The first batch made 8 quarts I will probably do 8 more tomorrow.

Since Jack is diabetic he does not need the sweet pickles so were not making those this year. I am not much of a pickle person but will eat a dill pickle a few times a year.

We are having a hard time finding jars I know it is the season for canning but its never been like this. I guess everyone’s getting domesticated while quarantining.

Our garden and Jeanelle’s are both very productive this year there has been just enough rain to make them flourish.

There is never a shortage of garden pickers with the four youngest grandkids being close by. Sophia informed us she is the cucumber expert.

A good year with a garden is when it produces enough vegetables to share with your friends and family.







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  1. Oh wow!! That’s fantastic.. I keep saying one day I’m going to grow some edibles…(when I retire hahaha).. thanks for the tidbit info about cucs lowers the blood sugar…i didn’t know that… i also heard Chia seeds also..(but I don’t like those as much as cucumbers)…

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  2. My advice would be build you a raised garden start out small say 8 foot x 10 foot and work with that. Tomatoes are good to start with and try lettuce and cabbage in the fall. All the greens turnips, collards and swiss chard are easy to grow. We grow our swiss chard in large buckets so we do not have to deal with the dirt and having to wash them over the over again before cooking.


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