Boxer dogs in action

Daisy and Zoee love to play different games but one of their favorites is jumping for the stick.

Sometimes it is easier if one is in the house so you can have one on one time.

Zoee is an extreme sports dog she is light as a feather at 35#s and she can jump so high the stick and the water hose are her favorite jumping toys.

Daisy can jump good but not as good as Zoee she is probably about 70#s.

The first pic Zoee landed on Daisy that actually makes them mad at each other lol.

The second pic is all about those facial expressions with Zoee.

Third pic Daisy got a hold of that stick.

Fourth pic Zoee is Dancing.

Getting the action shots for me is always a challenge with multiple dogs next time we will try one at a time.


4 thoughts on “Boxer dogs in action

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  1. Love the expressions in the shots. None of my dogs have ever been much for jumping. Running, chasing, wrestling, etc Fiyero will catch a ball – if I throw it exactly to him! He will not go far out of his way.

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    1. They love fetch with balls or sticks, wrestling, and jumping. Zoee loves the water hose she loves to get sprayed especially in the face. Daisy loves the pool and loves to lay down in it.. Cricket stands in the pool hates the hose she scared of it lol. Cricket can barely run but does try to jump but its funny.

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    1. Awww Katie. daisy has more muscle than Zoee but Zoee is quite strong from doing these type things. Our dogs get played with a lot Jack and I both play with them everyday its not raining.

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