The thrill of container gardening

I love all my plants but I love creating special container arrangements.

I buy all kinds of containers from metal to plastic. Sometimes I paint the plastic and sometimes I paint the metal. It all depends on what I am going for and where the container will be located.

I love using the technique Spiller, Filler, and Thriller.

This first picture the planter is really full it has two kinds of sweet potato vine the purple and the green, sword fern, coleus, pink polka dot plant, & zebra wandering jew. I love how all the colors bounce off the other plants. This container was a metal water hose container we plugged the hole in the side and you would never know.

The second picture is by the pond outside of the back porch. It has asparagus fern, vinca major, coleus, & zebra wandering jew. This container did not get repainted but I like the worn look on the plastic whiskey barrel.

I have several others that have just a few things in them but these two pictures are my favorite ones.

When planting mixed containers if you want something dramatic-looking try this technique. When you use different colors all the colors pop.

Every space in your yard might require something different to get the look you want. It’s all about using your imagination to create something that is unique.


5 thoughts on “The thrill of container gardening

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  1. I love containers too, mostly because you don’t have to bend over so far to weed! šŸ™‚ I only have 3 pots planted this year, two in front of our front porch and one over by the garage. I originally, many years ago had multiple pots but husband didn’t like so many so I pared down. I think I could put a couple on the back deck though…hmmmmm….

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    1. I have on the side deck two rectangle cedar pots, 3 round, 2 metal containers, one small concrete pot. In front of that deck I have 3 very large cedar planters. On the front porch I have one tall round cedar one. On the back porch I Have 12 hanging baskets another 12 pots atleast lmbo… Plus another 6 inside the porch. I LOVE PLANTS and I have no issues watering or keeping them alive. The only time hubby complains is when everything goes into the greenhouse for plants in the wintertime. By doing that I have impatience, coleus and ivy that are all very old as well as ferns lots and lots of ferns.

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