Cane Corso Pup named Cricket

Miss. Cricket is an 8 1/2 week old Cane Corso.

Zelda had 6 puppies they are the ones I took pictures of a while back she was one of them.

Our granddaughter Sophia named her when she was little I told her I will keep the name but add to it.

We are coowning her with our daughter Jeanelle. She kept the other female pup Hippo and we have this one. I think the two females were the ones in the box by themselves in the last photo session.

She’s a little bit insecure being away from her littermates. Potty training is an A+ and she goes in the kennel with no problems at night.

We have had her 3 days and Daisy and Zoee are tolerating her at this point but getting along okay. She has tried to nurse from both of them and they have told her NO! She is an ankle biter and I am trying to break that habit quickly.

I told Zoee in a month she will be bigger than her. These dogs grow so fast it’s unreal.

Zelda’s pups are sold but Raven’s pups there were 11 and shes taking deposits on them now. There were quite a few solid grey/ blue ones.

I have not had a chance to do pictures of Raven’s bunch due to this quarantine but I can assure you they are beautiful pups. She has been taking pics and putting them on her Facebook page.

You can find her pups here on WordPress:

or on Facebook:

All these pups are raised with four kids running and playing with them all the time. They are also raised around other dogs.

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  1. Cane Corso’s Rock I have a Brazilian Mastiff named Rooster. I think all mastiffs have unique personalities. I am going to raise and sell Boerboels in the future after Rooster passes God willing. You know as well as me train that pup well. A hundred pound plus dog demands respect. The temp dropped below 70 and Rooster gets frisky and he started running at me wanting to play. I figured this is it. He stopped 5 feet before me being hit with a 150-pound brick.


    1. LMBO about Rooster they do have to learn. This breed likes to be in charge so daughter gave me a few ideas to show a pup who is in the control and its so simple. When shes acting viscous roll her over on her back your hand on her chest and hold her there so she knows who is boss.

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  2. Rooster tries to be the boss about every three months. He rolls over on his back and all four legs are in the air. his floppy mouth is hilarious. But I feel sorry for anything that gets in his yard. The kids accidentally let a leather soccer ball get in my backyard somehow he popped it in 5 seconds. The boys on the next street let their basketball get back there. That only happened once. All the next-door kids would never leave their toys out cause Rooster loves eating toys. And car tires. He is a big overgrown child.

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    1. Big dogs are so funny. Have you ever bought him the big Jolly Ball with the rope? I call them horse balls. Look in the pics I posted that is the balls I am talking about but the ropes are missing. They come a size bigger than these.

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  3. I just ordered one xl for big dogs. 17.99 Prime 10″ Rooster and Lucy are gonna have a blast. They usually play with a 5-gallon empty water bottle.


      1. Yes, Rooster chewed the handle up the first couple of minutes then has nothing to do with it. I think he has turkey in him.


      2. I am gonna buy Rooster and Lucy one with a rope hole. I know they will play with anything with a rope on it. They will play with it till all there teeth fall out. I will have to limit there play to an hour a day.

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    1. Shes really doing well with potty training. She cries or goes to the back door so you know she needs to go. She comes back in goes to the kitchen for a treat and sits right down lol. She learned that from the other 2. She HATED her bath thought I was killing her and probably anyone within a 1/2 mile radius heard her lol.

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    1. I have caught the pup knawing on a few rocks probably to sharpen her teeth. I keep taking stuff away from her its not like there arent plenty of toys here she finds stuff she should not have lol.

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