The Grandchildren & Quarantine

We have 4 grandchildren that live about 15 minutes from us & we see them a few times a week.

This coronavirus has kept us from seeing them and it’s been horrible. They were all sick and the kids were tested and were negative thank god. It took forever for them to get tested.

I stayed home for 16 days then I went to my favorite local nursery early one morning. Josephs’s nursery is popular in my neck of the woods and I dropped $100.00 and felt so much better after getting more flowers than I had already bought before this all started. I love flowers and I spend a lot on them every spring.

I tried to get some paperwork notarized but they could only do 1 page a day so I said forget it.

I came back home I was gone about 45 minutes and that helped me so much. I have everything planted and have been repotting some stuff redoing the area around the pond and just playing in the landscape.

We planted some more garden plants today hubby moved some dirt and I trimmed some plants.

Our daughter brought the grandkids over today which was day 19 for isolation for me and them she told them they had to stay outside, no hugs, or kisses and stay 6 feet apart. We truly enjoyed seeing them they even picked mulberries off the tree.

They brought us our Cane Corso puppy named by our granddaughter Sophia – Miss. Cricket is doing well at 8 weeks old. There will be a post about her soon.

This isolation thing is not easy but in order to stop this virus, everyone needs to do what they are told to do. Do not decide to take a vacation and spread your germs around to a different area. Stay home and only go out for supplies when necessary. If you’re a senior citizen there are special hours in the early a.m. you can shop but please go 1 x a week. No one should be leaving the house every day.

We can all get through this one day at a time. Lots of prayers for you all stay safe and isolate.


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  1. I love Joseph’s. Expensive but high-quality stuff. That’s across 1128 from my place. Been seeing a lot of young Blue-Jays this year much more than previous years. Be safe.


    1. Josephs prices are really good. I guess it depends on what your looking for. We have the blue jays and the blue birds. I have been seeing lots of red birds, mockingbirds, sparrows, house wrens, brown cowbirds, crows, and the hawks and buzzards.

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  2. I know about twenty years ago I was looking for some strawberry plants. I bought some at Houston Garden they croaked, but they were less than half the price of Joseph’s. My mother in law bought at Joseph’s and they all lived. I guess I wasn’t making a fair assumption. I can kill a silk flower.

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