Whats blooming in your backyard?

What is blooming in your backyard make a post and show us.

We have 4 colors of knock out roses, Trumpet Vine, Heather, Wisteria, Petunias and 2 kinds of wildflowers. That means we have 10 different colors of blooms right now just in the backyard.

A walk in the backyard brings me joy and peace seeing all the colors & blooms. Its like a breath of fresh air with color.

Grab your camera & take some pictures then make a post and share your colors in your yard with the rest of us.


6 thoughts on “Whats blooming in your backyard?

Add yours

  1. Absolutely nothing is in bloom here. We’re lucky that the snow has melted and we can see the grass, but odds are it will snow at least once more this year before spring finally pops. There ARE daffodils that are poking up and a couple of them look like they are forming buds..so if it would stay warm those will be out soon. They usually get snowed on and don’t seem to mind too much. Unlike me. I mind snow a lot in March and April! Your flowers are beautiful! Thank you for giving us up here hope!

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