9 days self quarantine

Today is day 9 of my self-quarantine.

I get bored easily and normally go into town a few times a week.

I have been taking some pics of flowers and a few of the dogs.

The good thing is I have a lot of craft supplies so I can create things. When I get tired of that I watch tv and I walk out in our yard and wander around with the dogs in tow. I can never do anything without them wanting to be in the middle of it. The oak trees are pollinating BIG TIME we need rain to wash it away.

I found something interesting I thought I would share. I have done lots of reading but this was the first time I read this about the surfaces.

I mixed in tea tree oil to some hand soap I  already had to make some antibacterial soap. Now my hands smell like pine sol lol.

Our local grocery store HEB now has a 7-day wait on curbside pickup. YIKES!

Lots of stores are closing which is a good thing because who really needs a new outfit for Coronavirus.



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  1. Our malls closed today, I was surprised it took them this long to do that. I can’t say I’ve been in quarantine…I’m the one that goes to the grocery store…I have figured out that I need to go very early in the morning to find anything at all and it’s still really spotty. I’m starting to get worried that we don’t have enough food to last more than about a week more. My mom used to be able to make a meal out of anything. I am not that talented. In my pantry there is mostly beans and tomatoes…I guess I can make something from that..soup comes to mind. Ah well…we will figure it out. Stay safe!


    1. Since Jack is working 3 days a week hes been doing the curbside pick up. Now curbside is one week out for pickups. He ran to Dollar General this am 7:00 to get bread, milk and eggs and they had no eggs. We are not out yet so were okay. Our daughter does have chickens.


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