Succulents and Sedum plus more

Lately, I have been planting lots of succulents, sedum, and English ivy as well as airplane plants.

I had planned on doing a trade days sale but with this virus scare and my heart issues, I decided against it.

Now I will try and advertise to sell these locally but this is one of my latest DIY things. They are all so cute but the pedestals ones I love.


6 thoughts on “Succulents and Sedum plus more

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  1. People are scary sometimes. The toilet paper wars are ridiculous. They shut the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo down for the first time in 80 years yesterday. I am staying put as well. Don’t need any more health issues.


  2. Yep. I get amazed when young people just cough and sneeze on you like its completely normal. I wonder about there upbringing or lack of it.


    1. Since my kids were little I have wiped down baskets at the store its a habit I never got out of. You can buy baby wipes pour rubbing alcohol on them and you have a disinfectant wipe. I do my grocery shopping HEB pickup for the last year so thats one less germ fest for me lol. I mostly have walmart delivered or Amazon lol.

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