Amazon Delivery and Damages To Property

Amazon needs to seriously train their drivers better.

January 23 this driver saw the deep ditch out on the road and decided she was scared she would back into it so she wanted to turn around in our yard. The yard was wet it had rained the day before.

IF that was not enough she did not even come to the door to apologize. I went out there and asked her what she was thinking of turning around in our yard. All she said was ” I am sorry”. I told her she should NEVER damage someone’s property.

She sat there stuck in our yard for 4 hours waiting on a tow truck. Now, what IF I needed to go somewhere I could not have gotten out of my own driveway because she was sideways across it.

I contacted Amazon that day they gave me their insurance to contact since this was a lease truck it was a different department than the Amazon trucks. I did a report was promised a check a month ago I still have not gotten the check.

This is all over one load of sand for the cost of the damages. I told them sand runs $100. – $150.00.

I am a very frequent Amazon customer to the tune of 95 packages so far this year.

Amazon instead of sending an email LYING saying a check was released for the damages caused by your driver try to contact your customer to give them an update. I am so angry about this situation.

Even our dogs were shocked over the damage.

Amazon I must say dealing with you over our property damage caused by your driver SUCKS!



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  1. I wanted to update this post. After many phone calls, I finally received the check from the insurance company for the damage to our yard. Come to find out the guy who was handling the account was fired and the claim sort of got lost. This really had nothing to do with Amazon not paying the claim it was the insurance company. My check was for $150.00 so it all turned out A- OKay.


  2. We won’t use Amazon for anything ever. They are sucking the life-blood out of small independent companies, their reputation as employers is dreadful, and in this country anyway, they don’t pay their taxes. So I’m not surprised it’s taken ages to sort out the problem you had with them


    1. A lot of small business sell through Amazon so I think that is really helping those business. They are building Amazon centers all over Texas and a lot of people now have jobs. I heard starting pay with no experience was $15.00 a hour even for a young kid.

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      1. It may be different with you, but many small businesses here avoid Amazon – though many use them too. And I always wonder how many jobs are lost as Amazon expands its tentacles? But I guess we’ll have to agree to differ!


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