Ready for Retirement

My husband will be retiring at the end of March.

He saved vacation to make his last 5 weeks left easy. He is taking off every Monday and Friday until the end of March he wanted to experience 3 day work weeks lol.

Last week was his first easy week and he really enjoyed it. We did accomplish a lot last weekend.

Once he is retired we get to decide what we are doing and if we are going to move and find our next forever home. I have to call this home our forever home #1 since we have lived here for 41 years.

We would like a place with 20 – 30 acres so I can have some goats and some cows. If we can find property next to a national forest we would not have to worry about a subdivision on top of us. I prefer a house to be there already with some minor updates needed.

The whole idea of being surrounded by nature is quite exciting. I could take plenty of pictures & feed the wildlife.

This all sounds so relaxing and if there’s water its all the better.

Life is pretty exciting when you are entering this stage and the only thing you are responsible for other than yourselves is the dogs, cats, and birds.




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  1. God bless yall and retirement. Retirement for some means they are fixxin to work harder than they ever have. I was going to buy 10 acres in New Mexico in an old ghost town. In the 90’s an acre was price at 500.00 when I went out there in 2004 a acre was priced at 5000.00 because alot of people thought the lights were gonna blink in Y2K (2000) The backyard was next to a 3.3 million-acre national forest. (The Gila) No water was available for miles. The nearest Wal-Mart was 40 miles away,same for medical care. Nothing but the best wishes for yalls future endeavors.

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    1. Thanks Doug. This is a big dream and the animals are for me lol. I love all kinds of animals but I truly want to be surrounded by wildlife I can feed when I want to.

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