Zelda’s Cane Corso Pups 2 weeks old

These pups are two weeks old and the first litter out of Zelda for Shady Acres Rosharon she is 2 years and 11 months old Formentino.

Her previous owner bred her once. She is such a sweet dog and an amazing mama dog.

There are 4 boys and 2 girls but I think our daughter is keeping one of the girls the pink collar one. She thinks she will be a blue Corso.

These were shot outside and its very overcast so I feel like their true color is off in these pics.

We will do more pics at 4 weeks to get the true colors.

They are all so cute. This mornings weigh-in was from  1.95 – 3.15 #s

This batch of puppies will be AKC & ICCF registered.


All Together Pic:

Girls: Purple collar is howling.

Boys: Very cooperative look at the head size difference lol.

8 thoughts on “Zelda’s Cane Corso Pups 2 weeks old

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  1. She is smart. I have had dogs for 60 years. I never want a male dog again. I am to old. The big breed males can be nasty. They slobber and slime you when you have your good clothes on. They get to rambunctious when the weather drops below 60 degrees. Mine accidentally hit me head on and knocked me 2 feet off the ground both shoes somehow fell off. If someone would give me 1.5 million I would sell him in a heartbeat. Otherwise, I will keep him till he dies. And female mastiffs from now on.

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    1. She has one male a formentino but hes only 8 months old so not ready to breed quite yet but he is the sweetest thing. She has another female Raven the one that had pups last time she is due next week. I am thinking about taking Storm who is about 9 month old black female. She will stay here and then if she keeps the blue she should be able to have all color options with her male or by paying to breed to the male she has been breeding hers to.

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  2. I think I am gonna start raising and selling pups. But no males its all going to take place with artificial insemination. That way you can have the sire that’s best. That is how my little nephew runs his cattle company.


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