Dr.s and Testing

My next week is very congested with doctor appointments and testing but I am a strong woman who will persevere and get through it all.

Instead of being frustrated over next week controlling my life I am grateful we have very good insurance to cover all the testing I am currently undergoing.

I will be seeing the oncologist for the 1st time since going off the Exemestane. This will be a long visit full of me explaining the side effects and giving explanations about MY decisions to do this.

I will be demanding more answers about the Prolia injections I have had over the last   1-1/2 yrs and what this drug has done to me and my body.

I will be wearing a Holter monitor to that visit from the new cardiologist. This is what I call multitasking.





3 thoughts on “Dr.s and Testing

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  1. “I am a strong woman who will persevere and get through it all” – glad for that because it sounds awful. Keep your chin up and I hope the week goes well, appointments, tests and all 🙂

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  2. It all sounds daunting, but you are right, you are a strong woman. Stand up for yourself and what you believe is right for you. Side effects are no joke. I hope all your tests go well and have positive results!

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