Our Duck Friends

The Black Bellied Whistling Duck were back last weekend.

I was able to get these pictures early a.m. it was so bright outside.

They sat there on this dead tree on the fence line and let me put out food in 4 feeders.

I was only 8-10 foot from them they never budged.

The red ones could be the parents of the rest with the whistling ducks the parents are similar in color. The juveniles did not have their color yet you can tell they were still young.

We mix black oiled sunflower seeds and chicken scratch & all the birds and ducks seem to love it.

Feed the wildlife and enjoy their beauty right in your own backyard. Once they get use to you they will pose for the camera.

These beauties come and go an sometimes come back a few times a day.

2 thoughts on “Our Duck Friends

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  1. I see them ducks every day. They live in a pond or the old rice canal. I wish they would come over here but Rooster and Lucy would chase them off. Rooster is my mastiff and Lucy is my mutt both rescue dogs. I love wildlife. Maybe fewer hogs and ants.

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    1. Years ago they just flew by here then a few started stopping by they told their friends and there are days there are 10 out there. I think some of the original ones are the ones in the pic with the youngsters.

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