Last group picture

These Cane Corso puppies are 8 weeks old and going to their new homes this weekend.

Everytime I would get focused one pup would go overboard. I had the grandkids putting them back in the wagon and moving quickly so I could take a few pics.

Anyone interested in future  ICCF Registered Cane Corso pups can contact:

Shady Acres Rosharon

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      1. Wow. My niece has mastiffs. I’m not sure the exact breed, but most likely English Mastiff, since they have English Butler names 😉 I was there when they had a “little” puppy. It was bigger than my full grown boxer!

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      2. The Cane Corso is an Italian Mastiff. I just had Zoee to the vet last week due to skin irritation and it seems she has environmental allergies which if hes right will get worse next spring. She goes in and out of the house and 99% of the time only in the backyard. She is 15 months weighed in at a whopping 44#s. I need to weigh Daisy I think shes around 65#s.

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      3. I think Fiyero is about 75 lbs and Idina 70. We were told that she wouldn’t be more than 40, but I think she stretched it to keep up with her big brother 😉 She is 100% muscle, so… Yeah, Mastiffs can be huge, huge….

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  1. That is a good looking group of dogs. Dogs have so much to teach about life. We sometimes are just not still enough to learn what matters.


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