Ferns and the Shade

I love ferns they do well as house plants or grow well in the shade.

They can tollerate lots of rain or just watering them a few times a week during the Texas summers. Ferns are shade loving plants that multiply.

We have a bed full of sword fern under two old oak trees. I have several pots & containers of this as well.

Anyone need some sword fern?

I have one huge planter of macho fern which was shared with me many years ago by someone that is no longer part of my life.

Lots of asparagus fern but it has thorns and this makes me dislike it. I do like how flowy it is.

Holly fern but it is not a favorite of mine the leaves are stiff and waxy looking. I found them on clearance a few years ago.

I have one pot of foxtail fern I love this stuff its so fluffy looking.

Two new ferns that were on sale at Houston Garden Center they are Southern Wood Fern they are very flowy and light looking.

I liked them so much I went back and bought 3 more. These are pint size containers. I  planted the last ones together in 1 big pot.

I have two pots of another fern I am not sure what is but I like it because it is similar to the wood fern.

Do you have a favorite fern if so what kind is it?




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