Game Camera

I asked our son Jeremy to tell me what game camera we needed to purchase to find out what is eating the watermelon rinds we throw in the pasture.
He suggested the Campark Trail Game camera it is $69.99 on Amazon.
120 Degree Motion, Night Vision and 1080P with 14MP.
There was a $10.00 coupon so it was now $59.99 but I had $ 10.00 in points so it ended up being $49.99 with free prime shipping. I love a good deal!
It will be here on Friday and we will see what is in the pasture at night.
We know there are deer, armadilla, possums, squirells and lots of birds. Something was eating it at first but leaving the rind. Now there taking the entire thing.
It could be several different things but my moneys on Deer or Hog.
The mystery will be solved soon enough and hopefully I can figure out how to post some pics from the game camera.

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  1. I am gonna get one as well. I see bobcats around here all the time one evening I saw a giant one. Game Camera is the ticket. I see hogs every day in my next-door neighbor’s pasture. They drink out of his pond then wallow holes everywhere. Hogs are such a nuisance. They can ruin 10 acres in just a couple of hours.


      1. I am going to order the same one. Amazon really has good deals if you know your prices. They can also make a killing if you don’t. They have the best customer service for Prime members. I order a lot from Amazon and they are late every now and then. I try to extend much patience because much was extended to me over the years.

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      2. I know we have placed like 89 orders so far this year with Amazon Prime LOL… We love it.. I really wish it would get here I might run out of rinds then I will have to buy more watermelon.

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      3. I have several orders lost. Had one package dropped over my fence and dropped 5 feet completely knocked everything out of square. And it did a bunch of damage to my automatic gate. I guess them are the prices you pay for good deals most of the time.


    1. I ordered the wrong one lol but I had the right one in my cell phone you can use up to a 32G. I have it ready to go outdoors now we have to figure out the right place.

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