Cane Corso Pups 2

Our daughter Jeanelle only has two Cane Corso Pups left the rest of the pups have been picked out and deposits have been made.

I took the second series of pics last week and they turned out so cute. It was hard stuffing 4 in this basket but I love this picture.

In these pictures they are 4 weeks and a few days old they just turned 5 weeks old and will be ready for their new homes at 8 weeks.

The two pics below the orange collar Blue one and red collar Blue Brindle one are the two pups that are left.

These puppies have all been well taken care of and been around our grandkids since day one they love kids.

They will be getting their first shots soon.

Shady Acres Rosharon



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  1. Yea Cane Corso. I have a Brazillian Mastiff. I want to start raising and selling gentle giants. Cane Corso’s aka Italian Mastiff and Brazillian Mastiffs have reserved temperaments. But they will protect to their death the ones they love.


  2. Sweet, Obedient, Easy to train. They like hand signals the best. I am a dog person have been for almost 60 years. Big dogs are the best. I have had all types my little chihuahua is 19 years old and has never once been to the vet except for her shots.


    1. They are big and heavy I bet they eat a lot. The heads of the Brazillian remind me of a hound dog. Our daughter says the Cane Corso is the smaller of the Mastiffs. We have two boxers one dreams a lot & runs in her sleep and the other snores very loudly.

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      1. My Brazillian Mastiff name is Rooster he is big he weighs about 150 pounds He eats about 1.50 worth of cheap dog food a day (TSC) about 5 gallons of water a day not that he drinks all of that he slobbers in his water and it floats. He is loved and well taken care of but he is not gracious at all.

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  3. Oh, two more things. Prepare for some loud snoring and a lot of slobber. The snoring sounds like an elephant in your yard.


  4. For a little while, when Katie and I were in doggie school, there was a youngish, maybe 1 year old, Corso in our class. He was so big and looked kind of scary but he was such a sweetheart. He was owned by a police officer who lived in a bad neighborhood, so I guess he was the security at the house when the officer was out. Katie thought he was very interesting and was constantly trying to sniff his boy parts. I kept telling her that she was being stupid, never go up and sniff boy parts on a dog that is 6x bigger than her. Silly girl.

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