Retirement and our future

My husband is going to retire early next year & we are both pretty excited about this new phase in our life.

We are trying to figure out where we want to live & what we want to do with all our time.

The Texas hill country has always been a place we have dreamed about moving someday but now we have other options.

Georgia is a beautiful state and has some nice temperatures and the winters are not bad. The weather there is similiar to Texas but its not as hot as it here.The housing market is quite a bit cheaper than Texas. I think it is one of the top 10 retirement states. I think Georgia might win out over Texas lol.

There are lots of other states we like but the winters are to cold and we are quite spoiled to not having much of a winter.

We have loved working in our yard planting all the trees, grass and doing all the landscaping, and most years we had a garden. We raised our family here but now everyone has their own family and is spread out across Texas except our youngest son who lives in North Carolina.

Our yard is beautifully landscaped we have 38+-year-old oak trees and we love it here but it is time for a change it is time to move on.

We would have moved 10 – 12 years ago but family obligations kept us here. Now that those obligations are no longer in the picture we get to put ourselves first. I can honestly say we have never done that before and its starting to feel pretty good.

Lucky for us the housing market in our area is great so there should be no problem selling our house & getting a premium price for it.

We love the idea of a small-town atmosphere that is about 15 – 20 minutes from a bigger town for doctors, groceries, and supplies.

It would be nice to have a good view of something whether it be mountains, forest, hills or water. I think it would be nice to live on a lake or a river but in a non flooding area. It must have lots of mature trees with plenty of shade. Several porches would be nice a place to have coffee and listen to the birds sing.

We are looking for country living with a view on about 5 – 10 acres that is quiet and peaceful but surrounded by nature & wildlife.


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  1. Congratulations! You’ll have fun figuring out where you want to go. NC is awfully nice too, and I’ve heard the Gulf Coast of Mississippi is pretty. We have a place in Alabama on Lake Martin. Lake Martin is amazing, but you wouldn’t be on lots of land if you’re on a lake. Gee, so much to think about!


    1. It is a lot to think about & that is why we have been taking our time on this and not making any rash decisions. I think when people do stuff in a hurry they regret it. Alabama is one of the places that gets a bit cold in the winter we did think about that. I actually have found a few places on a lake with acreage which is harder to find but they are out there. Only time will tell what we end up doing but we have been in this house for 40+ years it has become part of us.


  2. I’m sure you will have fun visiting all of the perspective areas to see what you like. I actually bought my retirement home this year. I’m not about to retire, but never too early to plan… It is on Cape Cod, surrounded by mature trees, almost a water view 😉 (the mature trees block the view), but the winters are colder than you’d like…. (warmer than were i live in New Hampshire!)


  3. That’s wonderful!! Congrats and best wishes in your new search… if you choose to come to the southern states… keep me posted


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