They’re Back

Last year we got lucky and the cedar waxwings found other mulberry trees so we actually got to pick some.

This year they are eating our mulberries before we can pick them.

There will be 60 in the tree at the same time chowing down.

Daisy was mad because she loves mulberries and she went out there and was looking all over the ground to find some. I finally found a few on the ground for her. Yes, our dog picks berries lol.

Nature is so beautiful and these birds colors are truly amazing. I enjoy watching them even if they are thieves.

Cedar Waxwings


2 thoughts on “They’re Back

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  1. Yeah, we have blue berry bushes and in over 20 years I have eaten maybe 2 blueberries… And Fiyero once ate a blackberry, and now he grazes on blackberry bushes, thorns or no.


    1. Some dogs love berries and some do not. We had a dog one time that would pick her own blackberries off the thorny bushes. Zoee will eat anything that does not eat her first lol. Daisy likes blackberries too.

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