Dogs just wanna have fun

Our two boxers Daisy and Zoee both seem to love the water hose.

Zoee will not back off and scares me she’s going to choke on the water so she has to be monitored.

Daisy runs and gets it and then runs off.

They had a good time on Sunday once our Texas warm weather kicked back in.

This all started because I was trying to water plants and flowers. Zoee thinks that is her time and she got Daisy involved in her water hose game.

Dogs just wanna have fun & have a little playtime.


3 thoughts on “Dogs just wanna have fun

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  1. All of our boxers have loved the hose (unless we want to give them a bath 😉 )but our non-boxers have all hated it. If I turn on the hose, Fiyero comes running to play while Idina goes running away.


    1. Maybe its a boxer thing. I gave Zoee a bath the other day using the hose and she hated it but the next day she loved the hose. Go figure. Daisy has always loved the water but shes not as crazy as Zoee with the hose.

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