Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Often times, when I am looking outside, I see a quick flash of yellow fly by.

This is the Yellow-Rumped Warbler this one is a female that is a juvenile. Next year her colors will be even brighter yellow.

They are quite the little songbirds I love hearing them sing.

I was actually in the house and shooting out a closed window I am surprised they turned out this well. She was about 12′ from me. I was using the Canon 400mm lens.

Listening to all the bird’s songs is one of my favorite things to do. It makes me feel at peace.

Nature sounds are all around you just need to take a few minutes each day to enjoy it.


7 thoughts on “Yellow-Rumped Warbler

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  1. Yes, it is of utmost importance to smell the roses. Life is short, seems people make it shorter by being to busy for there family and nature. We need to be reminded to make haste slowly. Good for the blood pressure.


  2. Lovely pictures! I am always very aware of the sounds in my sweetheart’s garden when I am in Mississippi. Mainly birds, but squirrels and geckos too, and the long-distance trains hooting.

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