The color of grass

In the pastures this time of year there are all these weird weeds and grass that come up.

We picked some to dry out when it was fuzzy and when it was not.

I played with the editing on the same picture to get 3 different versions.

The first is color, then cream tone, then black and white.

I think I prefer the color and the cream one the best.

Playing around with the editing is a lot of fun & it can really change up an image.


2 thoughts on “The color of grass

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  1. Very good you even make weeds pretty appealing with your photography. I like weeds when they are not in my yard, or on my place down on the river. But I always have tons of them. Your a good photographer, when a person can make weeds look good that is an outstanding ability. Oh and one more thing I like weeds, dead ones. In the fire.


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