Visiting Birds

The other day early in the morning we had some bird visitors in the road in front of the house.

I grabbed the camera and I was able to get a few good shots before they spotted me.

The great white Egret stands tall amongst the weeds in the ditch. The white ibis including some brown juveniles flying all around. It was fun to watch them.

I  love mornings like this when the wildlife surrounds us and allows me to take its picture.


4 thoughts on “Visiting Birds

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  1. Birds are amazing creatures, especially how they migrate for the winter. I was down at the river yesterday and several thousand of some kind of small black birds landed in the bare trees whose mess I was raking up before the rain and cold came. I thought I was in a Alfred Hitchcock movie The Birds. It was almost eery.


    1. I just took a few pics the other day of bare trees and a few birds in them I love how that looks. LOL at Alfred Hitchcok movie when I was kid that movie scared me to death.

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