Fall color

Our fall color is our cypress trees and I was able to get this picture the other day with nice skies.

This is our largest cypress. This tree stands about 15′ tall. It makes a mess when the leaves all fall off because it is right beside the pond.

The first clean up will be this weekend. I ordered us a mulcher/blower/vacuum with a bag to try out on this.

Enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors the skies, the trees and the breeze in the air.


4 thoughts on “Fall color

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  1. You know we don’t really get all the beautiful colors. My favorite is the most obnoxious plants. The Chinese Tallow, and the different kinds of poison ivies.


    1. Most of tallow’s around here got some kind of disease and dyed we have two dead ones ones on the fence line that need to be cut down. I saw the poison ivy or oak had a pretty color too.

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