Mr. Bird

Mr. Bird has been acting strange the last couple of days. He is a neutered male cat that is almost 9 years old. He weighed in at almost 15#’s.

I was stalking him this morning using the litter box and discovered he would go to pee but nothing was coming out. Then he would cry and growl somewhat this is not normal for him.

I took him to the vet this a.m. and he took out a syringe of urine so it would help his pain he has two kinds of stones. They did a urinalysis and a looked at it under the microscope.

Apparently, this is quite common in cats but especially male cats.

He’s taking antibiotics and tomorrow we will try the catheter for a few days and do some blood work but he may end up in surgery tomorrow instead.

He seems very uncomfortable he’s such a laid back cat normally. I have him in his own room so he can rest without puppy intervention. I hate it when something is wrong with one of my animals.



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    1. Well, today we did the surgery and they found lots of crystals in his urine both kinds of crystals. It took a while to get the catheter in because he was blocked from crystals. Now he keeps this catheter in until Saturday afternoon and he has a lovely neck cone to go with this. The catheter will cause him to leak urine that’s what it does. To deal with that I moved him into a back bathroom we never use. I call it my sick animal room. I just syringed some water into him and made him some chicken and rice pate very watery so I could syringe in it. He’s not to happy about any of this BUT he was purring. It seems the reason this happens is that cats do not drink enough that is why it’s important to give them canned food and add water to it. Tomorrow he goes back for IV fluids because his kidney blood workup was bad. They think this was caused by him being blocked and that it will straighten out soon enough. Antibiotics, pain meds and some other medication are what he is on right now.


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