Life with two boxers

Daisy and Zoee play like this from the time they get up in the morning until they go to bed at night.

Being outdoors works out the best because they can run and run and do not have interference.

Inside they drag two baskets of toys from the den to the office.

This was the best thing for Daisy she was very lonely for dog companionship and now she has Zoee. She is not the least bit jealous she is the mother/sister and takes her job quite seriously.

I know Zoee has gained some weight in the last 9 days. Yesterday I added some pumpkin in her diet because that is supposed to help with weight gain.

I hope to get some really good action shots of them running soon.



4 thoughts on “Life with two boxers

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  1. They are both beautiful. A think a companion is the best medicine. It is funny that they drag their toy bin around, my boxer does the same thing and it makes me crazy because if I am not tripping over the kids toys I am tripping over hers! Boxers are such a wonderful breed of dog, thank you for sharing.


    1. I never thought Daisy would be jealous mainly because she wanted someone to play with all the time. I know this because of our daughters dogs coming to visit or Daisy going over there for a visit. They get along better than I could have hoped for.


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