Skin spot

I had a strange looking spot come up on my outer right arm near the elbow it truly scared me because the right side received 33 treatments of radiation.

The dermatologist did a biopsy and it was NOT Cancer. I am so glad because I started stressing from the moment she said biopsy.

Everyone needs to pay attention to strange spots on their skin because you never know if it could be cancer or not.


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  1. Sonya, I am so glad that it was not overwhelming for you. Medical terms freak us out. I wonder if they sometimes play on us knowing that we are concerned about our wellbeing. I thank God daily for you. You are so important to your family. Excellent job on the trays.

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  2. I’m glad it wasn’t cancer. I go once a year to get my whole body checked, because skin cancer runs on my dad’s side of my family. And I go in between if I notice something. It’s very important.

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