Bluebell is a full-size Jersey milk cow. She was named after the ice cream and living in Texas it only made sense to name her that.

Our daughter Jeanelle was ready to have a milk cow she wants to learn to make butter, cream, ice cream, and cheese and much more. Bluebell will be having a baby in October.

The first picture was really good timing not that I wanted to see a cow put their tongue up their nose lol.

I love cows big or small they all seem to photograph quite well. Bluebells eyes are just amazing.



9 thoughts on “Bluebell

  1. I love watching animals stick their tongue up their nose. When I need a good laugh I like to put peanut butter on my Mastiffs nose. I knew a guy over by your neck of the woods I think his name was Jimmy Debello. Anyway, he told me his parents or grandparents use to have a bunch of dairy cows in Manvel. Bluebell is such a ham.


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