I love frogs

I love frogs and frog statues & they fit in perfectly by our Koi & Goldfish pond.

Through the years I have collected a few different frog statues & one time I even duplicated one I already had. I have had to repaint some of them a few times but they seem to weather pretty well outside.

I found this one last week and fell in love with it because its really big and the mama frogs standing up with the baby frog on her back. It was just way too cute. To top it off I got it for half price.

I really wish there had been a few others like a series of them but there wasn’t.

Always check the clearance you never know what you might find that you really did not know you needed until you saw it.




4 thoughts on “I love frogs

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  1. Very good. I have a soft spot in my heart for frogs as well. When I was a young man in the U.S.M.C. I was an all systems helicopter mechanic on a CH-46 also know as a Frog.


    1. Thank you for serving our country Doug. That is a neat story. Our youngest son just retired from the Marines due to knee issues after almost 8 years of service.

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      1. Your welcome. I have been out for almost 40 years now and I can not shake the methods of the Marine Corps madness. Most of the time it’s a good thing.

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