Texas Heat

It is quite hot here in Texas and the humidity seems to make it worse.

My sister Sheri and I walk 3 – days a week and we start walking at about 7:15 a.m. and it’s already hot.

We are determined to get in our exercise so we will persevere and wait patiently for the cooler fall temperatures.

We found a park nearby where the squirrels are all very friendly so yesterday we took some food for them some chicken scratch corn and sunflower seeds and they were quite grateful.

I would love to photograph them but carrying my camera on a walk like this is too much. Maybe I will try my phone but I am never crazy about the pictures I take with it.

When you can add natures beauty and the wildlife to your walks, it really makes your walks even more special.

5 thoughts on “Texas Heat

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  1. Yes it is quite hot. It was 5 something this morning when this blog arrived. I went outside to check if maybe it cooled off any. Nope Manvel Texas is so hot, I am just glad everything don’t catch fire. But you can breath out their, barely. Glad the A/C works and the mosquitoes are not as bad as they usually are.


    1. I am surprised about the mosquitoes with all the rain we had I figured they will be out by the 1000s. We have seen some just not the norm. I am glad the AC works to I need the AC lol.

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      1. There are some skeeters. But nothing compared to the past 50 years. Down in the swamps along the Gulf they are bad. But everything is good inland.

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