Gladiola blooms

This year I had found 100 count gladiola bulbs in a box at Walmart for about $15.00 I bought two boxes.

We built a new bed around one of the oak trees in the backyard and made a gladiola bed.

According to the chart on the box, it was about a month past the date I should plant them. Well, I figured it was worth a try and low and behold they are now blooming.

The price was great but I did get tired of planting 200 bulbs lol. It takes a good size bed for that many flower bulbs. We built it up with a lot of dirt but they are still falling over does anyone have any suggestions? Do gladiolas always fall over because they are top heavy?

They are the most beautiful colors and color combinations of flowers I am truly enjoying them.

Flowers brighten our days and most of all make our yards more beautiful.

You are in charge of what makes you happy and for me, it’s always planting things that bloom.


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  1. Yes playing your butts downsize will make stronger stems. Another item that will is help to plant a week apart to spread the blooming time. Glads are usually lift every year. Save the bullets and plant out another and you will have more glads.They are a lot of work but I still like them. Congratulations and Good Luck

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      1. That would depend on where live. They are hardy so most northern area you would need to dig them every year. I have never known to naturalized. My local store often bunches of them for sale.


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