The Eastern Bluebirds

We have so many birds in this area of Texas but one of my favorites are the small Eastern Bluebirds.

I caught them having a pool party at the bird bath. I know these are juveniles because their blue is very limited. The adults are a lot bluer and their chest is a darker orange color.

They can splash a lot of water out of a birdbath really quick. At one time there were 4 in at a time with others zipping around waiting their turn. I even saw a few adults supervising.

I am glad I was able to sneak back into the house and grab my camera to get a few action shots.

Nature never ceases to amaze me the beauty is all around us we just need to take the time to notice it.


4 thoughts on “The Eastern Bluebirds

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  1. Aren’t they fun! We have Eastern bluebirds in Michigan too, but not as many as we have here in Alabama. I’ve been watching them fly from the trunks of trees, hover and catch a bug mid-air. I think there’s a nest of them in our gourds out over the water too. The male sits on top a lot and mama bluebird has been in and out, feeding I think. Your shots are beautiful!

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    1. Thank you Dawn they really are not that scared of people which is a good thing. We are building some bird houses this weekend although I have some really large gourds that are dried in the attic.

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