Spider webs and dew

Spider webs have always intrigued me.

Amazingly it only takes a spider about one hour to create their masterpiece of this silk thread.

This type of spider web is called an orb web and they are quite noticeable in the early morning with the dew on them.

Last week we had spider webs all in the grass and the trees in the backyard.

Just think if a spider can accomplish this beauty in one hour what we can accomplish in a day if we really try.


6 thoughts on “Spider webs and dew

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  1. Very nice. I used to see small webs in the grass when I did my early morning runs. And down at the lake we have huge webs on the dock every morning. I’m sure the spiders there are not happy for the few days every year that we’re at the lake. The rest of the year they have the dock to themselves.

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