Baby Hawks

If you listen when you are outdoors you can hear the sounds of birds all around.

You can even learn to distinguish the sounds of different types of birds.

Sometimes you can even hear baby birds. Hawk babies are very loud when the mom and dad are bringing them food.

These pictures were taken at our daughter’s house way up high in a pine tree. There were actually three babies but only two wanted their pictures taken. Lucky I had my 400mm lens with me otherwise there would not have been any pictures.

I am going to try and get a few more pictures this week. I figure these baby hawks are 3-4 weeks old and they leave the nest at six weeks old.

Nature is all around us we just have to open our eyes to see it and enjoy its beauty.




7 thoughts on “Baby Hawks

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      1. Thats my first time to see baby hawks. Seen baby barn owls. Thought they were monkeys at first. They fell out of the loft.

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      2. We use to see a lot of barn owls not anymore. I read one time it due to the rat poison that is put out. They eat the poisoned rats & mice and then die. I mean none of us want critters in our home but it is sad this has happened.

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