White Ibis

I love watching the White Ibis out at Brazos Bend State Park.  Photographing birds is all about being in the right place at the right time.

These pictures are of a few immature White Ibis. When they are younger they are brown and white and have a pink bill and legs. When they mature their appearance changes.

Photographing birds has always been something I truly enjoy and any chance I get to go out to Brazos Bend is an added plus.


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  1. It seems as if we have quite a few White Ibis around here. They sure hunt and fish for crawdads patiently. They are beautiful when they take flight. I think that’s the only time you can see the black on the tips of the wings. I have watched them not move for a hour hunting.


      1. I have been going down to the river just about everyday for the past week. You see a couple of white ibis not like you do in swamps and ditches hunting crawdeads. Them cowbirds that are to dern lazy to build their own nest, and lay the eggs in other birds nest are pretty fascinating as well.

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      2. We have plenty of egrets here. Lots of livestock around and when I am mowing here they come to feast on grasshoppers etc.

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      3. And one I always exercise caution around here is the Great Blue Heron. About twenty years ago these boys in Manvel told me they were shooting one with a BB gun trying to make it fly off for they could go play in the ditch. Their four year old brother came outside and that Great Blue walked up to him and pecked him in the eye. Several months later the doctors had to remove his eye because in never recouped. The Great Blue Heron is a beautiful bird that should be respected.


      4. We had a Great Blue Heron eating our Koi in our pond. We ended up getting a fake one, netting the pond and that seem to save the fish.

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    1. Them Great Blues can wipe a pond out quick. It’s like the feral hogs they have a job but they are a expensive pest. Egrets are so in sync with each other they amaze me. That not hard.

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