Daisy Mae and the Blue Jay

The other day I was watching a blue jay in a new bird bath in the backyard. I grabbed my camera to get outside to get a few pics.

Well, Miss. Daisy pushed her way out the door and then put herself in between the bird bath and me like she knew what I was doing. Either that or she wanted to pose for pictures who knows with Miss. Daisy.

The next day while I was looking out the den window I spotted him again this time I stayed in the house and shot through the window using my 400 mm lens. I did this just so Daisy would not know what I was doing lol. She always has to be the center of attention.

He sure is a cute little one and he really seems to love the bird bath.

I have always put the bird baths in the shade and never had a lot of action this one is in the sun most of the day and gets noticed by the birds. Maybe I should move the other two.


10 thoughts on “Daisy Mae and the Blue Jay

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  1. Mamma has her camera. She obviously wants to take pictures of me. I guess I will have to oblige 😉 Boxers are smart. I’m sure there was a thought process something like that.

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  2. Miss Daisy is a smart one. Blue Jays are good watch birds. Peacocks are too. I guess I need to put out a bird bath. The birds really love bathing around here after a rain. I wonder how a game cam would work on birds? I have a male and female cardinal in my compost pile every morning getting worms.


  3. That’s so funny. Katie always comes running when I pick up the camera, she runs to the window and barks just in case there’s something out there. Which usually scares away whatever I was trying to shoot. Nice bird bath shots!

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