River Otters at Brazos Bend

We have been out to Brazos Bend State Park in Needville so many times over the last almost 40 years.

Last Friday our daughter Jeanelle and her 4 kids and I went out there for a bike ride. The weather was beautiful.

We saw about 20 alligators, I have no idea how many different birds.

For the first time ever we saw a family of river otters. I was able to grab a few pictures of these cuties.

We think it was a  mom and two babies. As you can see in the second picture the larger one has a wound on its back. From what I have read these little boogers can stand their ground with an alligator.

Keep your eyes, wide open and nature will always surprise you with something you may not have seen before. If you are lucky you might just get a picture of it.


11 thoughts on “River Otters at Brazos Bend

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    1. Them gators can get mean, when they are protecting their nest or hungry. One of my neighbors had his brand new truck scratched up real bad and about three holes chewed in a chain link fence yesterday. In Manvel a mile from the rice canal.

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      1. The gators normally do not bother people but you would be surprised how many idiots take dogs out there without being on a leash. Signs everywhere say make sure pets are on a leash. I have never taken Daisy out there.

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  1. I love Brazos Bend. I did have a house on the other side of the river. Sold the house and kept the little lot on the river. My Mom was born and raised in Needville. A lot of history on that old Brazos River bottom.


  2. I live behind Johns. Both A and B have gators and big ones too. Keep dogs and cats and chickens away. Someone dumped about five little kittens off at Johns. They migrated over to Scotts that gator got every one of them and it ruined the wiring harness on his wifes 4 runner.


      1. Yes they do. I am not a hunter. I sorta have a soft spot for all animals. Except snakes and wild hogs that try to get you, and tear up in one night what a man has worked for all his life. The wildlife here is running out of safe options. Brazos Bend is a good option but them letting kids and pets in the park is risky business. Them gators do not play.


      2. I found this posted on a article that was related to the Green Tee Terrace gator spotting. To report an alligator contact Pearland Animal Control at 281-562-1970 or the Texas Parks and Wildlife game warden at 281-842-8100.


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