The Hummingbirds are back

I have been seeing a few hummingbirds over the last week or so. I put out my feeders even though we have a lot of things blooming right now.

Today I saw a lot of them and they were in the jasmine. There must be 30 – 40 flying in and out of the jasmine. I love the sound of the flying by, the noises they make and watching them get into little spats with each other.

For all these pictures I used my 400mm lens. I spent over an hour watching the hummers and taking their pictures. These are the five pictures I liked the best.

Hummers are fast, they are quite beautiful and most of all they are tiny and a challenge to photograph.

Enjoying nature is part of my life I am inspired by the beauty and simplicity and grateful it is there for me to enjoy.



4 thoughts on “The Hummingbirds are back

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  1. Love these! I hear they are almost here too…time to put up the feeder, because up here there is NOT a lot for them to eat or drink, not yet anyway. Still cold (37 today, going for a high of 45!) and today it’s rainy and cold and miserable. Guess I should go make that food now.

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    1. Right now here we have jasmine, knock out roses, irises, geraniums, begonias, calibrochoa, trumpet vine, verbena, oleander all blooming. The cana lilies and day lilies are about to bloom and who knows what else lol.


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