Follow up appointment

On Tuesday I had my follow up appointment with the oncologist.

I had a lot of concerns about the hormone blocker they wanted to put me on for the next 7 – 10  years. Its brand name is Femora and the generic is Letrozole.

My biggest concern was the fact that it can decrease the calcium in your body. I already take thyroid medication that does this.

Since  I have Osteopenia of the lower lumbar why would I want to take something that is going to push me into Osteoporosis? He said that the risk of it decreasing my calcium is only 1%.

The solution to my dilemma is IV Calcium Infusions 2 x a year to build up my bones.

My second concern was it upping my cholesterol. I have been on thyroid medication for 31 years and cholesterol medication 2 times during that time. According to my endocrinologist when my thyroid is off it affects my cholesterol. Why would I want to take a medication that could increase my cholesterol? That too has a low percentage of it happening.

Here is the kicker if I chose NOT to take the hormone blocker at all I have a 30% chance of getting cancer again. That number scared me so it looks like I will be starting this new medication after my burns finish healing.  Hopefully, I will be getting my first IV Infusion of Calcium next week.

My point to all this is to make sure you ask questions before taking a new medication it is very important to know all the details.





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