Tiny little details

When using a macro lens you have to have steady hands or use a tripod.

I tend to try to take the pictures by hand and lately have had a little less success with this. It might be time for me to drag out the tripod or monopod.

This shot shows off the tiny details of a knockout rose bloom. These roses start blooming in early March and bloom their hearts out all year long. They require very little maintenance and I truly love them.


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  1. Yes them knock out roses are hearty as well. I had a few of them planted in a area that I needed to do some serious underground electrical work. The more I trimmed and tried to keep them at bay the better they performed. So I had to just dig them up. Put a little Miracle Grow Plant food on them and its Katy bar the door they are relentless and absolutely beautiful.

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      1. We had the red and white ones. The white ones are nowhere near as hearty as the red ones.


  2. Getting out the tripod just seems like so much work. And I don’t have a macro lens, but I have tried to do some closeup stuff with the lens I have. I have thought about a monopod. I think my tripod can be used that way, but somehow figuring that out seems like too much work too!

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    1. I know I hate the work involved NOT that is that big of a deal lol. When you can get a macro invest in one always check the local pawn
      shops for them much cheaper

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