Hydroponic greenhouse tomatoes

In our hydroponic greenhouse, our tomatoes are going crazy. The beefsteaks are big producers. The Persimmons they are orange tomatoes are just starting to bloom and the romas are newly planted.

All the hydroponic greenhouse plants were started from seed and they are in gravel with a timer that waters them with nutrients 3 x a day then it recycles it back to the main tank for the next time.

We keep the suckers trimmed off them which allows a better production of tomatoes but you can plant the suckers in water and let them root and we have been doing that. Now we have an additional 35 plants to do something with.  We have given away at least 30 plants.

We have already planted some outside so we can compare the production and health of the plants. We have some planted in buckets and some in a no-till garden.

We have 8 tomatoes in dutch buckets that are beefsteak. This variety does better if you let them get taller. Ours are 7 and 8ft tall now. We have strings of rope across the top of the greenhouse to guide them along and hold the weight of the plants and the tomatoes.

All the years of gardening we have done we have never had this much success with tomatoes. Last count 7 of the 8 plants had 143 tomatoes on them. We are so ready to be able to taste these tomatoes. There are four that are starting to turn colors.

I have a funny feeling we will be selling tomatoes, freezing them and making lots of good stuff with them.

Enjoy life and do something you truly enjoy because it will give you such pleasure and peace at the end of the day.







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  1. Dear Sonya
    You hit that nail right on the head when you said,,,Enjoy life and do something you truly enjoy because it will give you such pleasure and peace at the end of the day… I really enjoy peace and minimum drama. it took me almost 60 years to figure that one out. It’s hard to find happiness, the reason why it’s so easy. I hope everyone finds true love and happiness before it can not be found. Sorta reminds me of the Eagles peaceful easy feeling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwqHarJnQP8


    1. I think most of us take life to serious and there is no need we just need to chill out. I love being outdoors but right now the sun burns my burns so its a no go with peeled skin. I have to stay in the shade and of course everything I want to do is in the sun lol. Love that song.

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