Second and Third Week

The second week of radiation went pretty good I was nowhere near as tired.

I had one painful day where it felt like a stabbing pain under my arm other than that all was good. I used an ice pack to help with this.

The third week has been good and I am a little more tired this week. I am trying to stay busy to keep my mind off of being less than halfway through with this.

Week 4 – 5 is when the burns generally start to happen next week will be my week 4.

Next week I have a bone scan for a baseline before I start the hormone blockers in 3 1/2 more weeks. I made sure to schedule it right after my radiation appointment you have to coordinate these things are you are back and forth all the time.

I ordered myself the prettiest necklace for breast cancer. My sister bought me a tee shirt that says “Rebel with a cause”.

She and I get together one time a week for shopping and we are truly enjoying ourselves. Sometimes we even go out to lunch and make a long day of it.

We might go to Resale stores, Tuesday Morning, Habitat Restore, Hotel Liquidators, Garage Sales or shop auctions online needless to say we have found some pretty cool stuff.

I won a beautiful dresser at an auction for $100.00 it was brand new 8 drawer white dresser it’s in my office to give me more storage. The retail of this dresser was $350.00.

My sister found me a plastic cow head I will be doing something with just not sure what way I want to go with it. Some people paint them wild colors, some use the silver or gold leafing on them, some glue fabric on them. Some people spray paint them there are just so many ways to go with this plastic cow head.

She also found me 3 of the wooden room service trays they are HUGE I used the liquid sander on them to remove the varnish and I have them primed. I know one for sure will be getting a liquid paint treatment I love the look of the paint and the cells. Of course, I had to buy the silicone and the Floetrol to do it with. Another craft to get into lol.

I am still fighting like a girl.

Fight Like a girl








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  1. I, for one, will be looking forward to seeing that cow head after you finish it! And I’ve watched video of the paint thing..where they put something in acrylic paint and mix it all up in a cup and dump it out and get those cells…it’s pretty cool, so looking forward to seeing that too! I hope week 4 isn’t as bad as they have told you it might be. Will keep you in my thoughts.

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  2. Glad your at the halfway point almost. I am so sorry for your pain. Its great having friends and family in difficult times. Sounds as if your spirit is entact. Keep fighting like a girl. You got this. Doug


    1. Thank You. The pain has been very minimal. Funny thing 3 surgeries in 6 weeks the Dr gave me pain meds 3 times and I only took 4 total pills of all 3 bottles. I think most pain is mind over matter.

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  3. It is. I got hurt a long time ago. Working at Orchard Park. I didn’t do meds I felt sometimes the meds are worse for you than the pain. Slow recovery but I am gonna get well and strong again.

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