Miniature cows

Shady Acres Rosharon has two types of miniature cows.

There are two miniature Herefords and two Belted Galloway’s. The black and white Galloway Oreo is currently at the breeder being bred. Scamper is officially bred and due in late October to early November.

The one in the middle in the top picture is Scamper to her left is Cadilac and Darla is to the right.

We hand pick clover out of our pasture for her animals they all love it.

The cows are all super friendly and love to get attention.


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  1. I love miniatures. Thanks for sharing all that you do share. I wish I knew how to post a picture of a miniature donkey that I have. Hope you are well. May God provide you much peace. Doug

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  2. I am gonna look into that. The way that I found your blog is I was looking for pretty sunrises in Manvel. We have some good ones from time to time.


  3. I have a funny story about belted Galloways. Years ago (maybe 10) I participated in monthly photo challenges put together by a woman in Massachusetts. She’d put out a list of 5 or 6 things and we’d go out and try to find them. There was always one thing at the end for ‘extra credit.” (She’s a teacher.) One time there was a list of stuff that I figured I could get most of at the Detroit Zoo, so I went there and sure enough I found inspiration for everything, but the extra credit was getting a cow…specifically a belted Galloway. Well. I figured I wouldn’t find a cow at the zoo much less one with a belt. As I was leaving the zoo I saw a little section tucked away with ‘farm animals,’ so I stopped by, figuring I’d find a cow of some sort. And darned, I couldn’t believe it but the cows were belted Galloways!!! Who knew?!?!? It was soooo cool! She didn’t believe it either.

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    1. That is a great story. They are really pretty but their hair needs to be trimmed on the edges so they will be prettier. The two she got were sort of thin when she got them but they are not thin anymore lol.

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