Week 1 of Radiation is done

I have completed week 1 of my radiation.I am now starting week 2.

The first few days the appointments took longer because they needed pictures of the exact locations etc. Those appts were about 30 minutes long. We are targeting the breast and the lymph node chain from my underarm to my neck.

My main problem is being still for that long and only breathing not moving at all. For some reason, I get itchy lol.

The normal time it will take will be 15 minutes.

To be honest it takes me longer to drive to my appointments than it does to get my treatment.

I am extremely tired. I take a nap most days ( not like me at all ) and I am sleeping more at night instead of my usual 7 hours I am sleeping about 9 hours.

They have told me to only use Aquaphor on the scars.

The radiologist said the tiredness will get worse and so will the burns in the coming weeks.

I am still fighting like a girl.

Fight Like a girl



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