Texas weather

We have had our second snow storm this winter here on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Normally our temps are 55-60 the last few days have been 20 – 35.

All of us Texans are pretty spoiled to our good weather 95% of the time.

We are ready for a break, some sunshine, warm temperatures and that way we can all get back to normal.

Go back to the cold states you crazy weather they are used to it.


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      1. I tried to write Coffee Share postS for awhile. There was trouble getting on the blogs. I got frustrated and wrote a similar post but called Good Afternoon. We are in the border line of the warm weather line. It can go either way. We had a month of freezing weather in December.

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  1. It’s been funny the last few days that big chunks of the south were colder than we were in NH! I have a cousin in south western Tennessee complaining about 6 F while I was seeing… uhm, well, OK, 25 F wasn’t a heat wave, but šŸ˜‰ Such an odd winter all over!

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      1. A couple of years ago I read a great explanation of why the winter was so cold. It had to do with the weakened Jet Stream, but I don’t remember any of the details. It went something like this – the jet stream used to go pretty straight across the country with a few small curves. It was cold north of it, warm south. Now the jet stream does all sorts of crazy things, including dipping down to Mexico to put Texas on the north side of the line. But then, some places, like Idaho, might end up on the south side and so have a much warmer than usual winter.

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  2. I am ready for some warmer temps. My dogs are to big and slobbery to become inside dogs. And that is where they go when the mercury drops below 40 degrees.


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