Scamper the miniature Hereford

Last weekend our daughter, her husband, and children went to pick up a registered miniature Hereford. Meet Scamper she is 19 months old.

She is halter broke, very friendly and has been getting to know her new surroundings. She and the goats seem to be okay with each other. Andrew has actually walked her a few times this is how gentle she is.

As a miniature, she will not get any taller just stockier. She will top out with a weight at 650# – 850#s.

I am looking forward to more photo sessions with Scamper.






6 thoughts on “Scamper the miniature Hereford

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    1. I love Herefords. Our older sons first 4-H animal was a full blooded Hereford Heifer named Charlene my dad bought him the cow. She weighed 545#s at 6 months when we got her. We fed her the best feed and had her up to 1200 by October 8 months later. Of course that was at a cost of 2000 in feed LMBO… She was a 1200 pound puppy dog.

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      1. Cows are amazing my FIL gave me my first bottle baby he was a cattle rancher. She would follow me around butting me in the butt. Her name was Spring and she was black angus. Cows are very sweet animals. The only pig we ever had was a pot bellied but she died and we have no idea why she was young. I never had a desire to own a full sized pig lol. I get way to attached I could be a rancher that raised cattle, bred the heifers sold the bull calves but I could not eat them.

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      2. This is my problem! Plus, my plate is really full and I tell myself that I need to stop expanding for a bit! I really want a mini donkey!!!


      3. Our daughter said well the goats eat weeds, the cows eat the grass, the chickens eat the bugs so now they should be well balanced lol. I love the donkeys 2.

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