Harvey Update # 2

Well, today is Sunday Harvey made landfall on Friday evening and were still seeing the effects from it.

Here at our house in Manvel, Texas in Brazoria County over the last few days our rain totals are at 13″+ our rain gauge was over flowing this morning so who knows it was probably more.

Our daughter’s house is more like 18″. They have moved animals several times first the barn flooded, then the carport flooded, then the garage flooded.  Even her school room flooded. So far the house is high and dry but their yard the entire 4 acres looks like a lake with the house on a small island.

The goats hate the water and so do the chickens. Their dogs hate the bad weather.

Our daughter, her husband,  the kids, and all the animals will probably end up at our house. We can put all the animals on the back porch and they will all be high and dry.

We are staying put and not trying to leave there is no point since our water is draining just fine. I would rather be in our house if the water gets really high than stuck on a road in a car.

The best thing any of us can do is try to remain calm, stay positive and pray for the best.

Hang in there Texas hopefully, this ends soon.



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    1. Thank you Roda. We have had 18+ inches so far here. They are saying over the next few days they are expecting another 20 – 25″. At our house the water is draining great we were sort of worried due to the development one street over but so far so good. Our daughter and family have mandatory evacuation but they have a boat but once they get out all the roads are closed and flooded so there is no place to go. Its the same for us meeting them we can not get to them to help. They have life jackets and the boat on the 3rd floor balcony in case they have no other choice but to leave. They have moved the goats again since they hate rain and water they seem happy now. The dogs are settled down and I guess the chickens have. In a few of the nearby areas there have been deer seen on a porch an a alligator on a porch. The wildlife gets displaced in these situations too.

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